Ferrari 360 Modena street races through traffic

Racing through traffic, the Ferrari 360 Modena achieves a top speed of over 170 miles per hour. Despite the laws of the public road, the Ferrari 360 pushes the limits and it's all caught on tape. Most of us will never have a chance to ride inside the 360 Modena at such speeds, it's almost uncanny. Floating through traffic and swiftly changing lanes, the 360 Modena quickly establishes supremacy amongst the other exotics in the pack by taking a leap of faith and going wide open. The raspy growl complimented by superb handling can only be tamed by the most avid Ferrari enthusiast.

Even though this seems glorious on video, think about the danger and incredibly stupid act that just took place. Should one of those cars decide to change lanes, good bye expensive exotic. I love a fast car, but this guy really needs to find a track. Not only would it be safer, but you can really start to enjoy your high performance vehicle with a clear mind. When performing high speed runs like this, the driver can be consumed by peripheral confusions such as speeding tickets, traffic, and the unknown. On the track, at least most variables are predictable and one can concentrate on the task at hand. Even though it seems cool, please keep it on the track. For more information about converting street racers into track racers visit !

Video content: Ferrari 360 Modena races 170 mph through traffic

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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