Lamborghini left wrecked on side of road!

The Lamborghini Murcielago is a very beautiful vehicle, until it becomes wrecked and then it's just a sad scene. In Kuwait, a bright lime green late model Lamborghini was savagely wrecked and nearly smashed out of recognition. If it wasn't for the signature doors and rear end still being in tact, the only way to tell this vehicle was an exotic is by the massive crumple factor. Surely a victim of high speed, this is one ripped up Italian stallion!

By watching the footage, it's hard to tell what really happened here. It looks like they're at an intersection, and the Lamborghini was flipped or went airborne. In order for it to rip up the brick road like that, there must have been some sort of aerial force involved. The front end is smashed, and there is a car sitting out of place in the background. Chances are high this one was speeding, couldn't stop, smashed into another car and went airborne, and then finally laid to rest in a pile of rubble. An unfortunate circumstance for any driver, this is the typical outcome of an inexperienced driver chasing the Lamborghini thrill on public roads.

Video content: Lamborghini wrecked in Kuwait

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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