Ford Mustang goes up in flames!

Lined up on the drag strip racing against a Dodge Durango, the late model Ford Mustang goes up in flames during mid launch. Many things could have caused this fire, but chances are that he simply hit the NOS too soon and blew the manifold. Once the manifold is cracked or separated from the heads, fuel leaks out and hits the hot exhaust leading to an instant fire of epic proportions. There isn't many ways to protect against this from happening, but upgrading the manifold is a great start. Discuss this article with

Most vehicles today come with a polymer intake manifold. This weak manifold gets hot and can't take the cold nitrous injection, which leads to a crack and ultimately failure. Replacing the weak manifold with a higher quality polymer, aluminum, or stainless steel manifold is a great visual upgrade that has performance gains as well.

When building your performance vehicle, you need to take as many precautions as possible. Take your time, because most mistakes are caused when mods are performed on the fly. Quickly installing and unknowing skipping steps is a great way to destroy your vehicle. Luckily, this Mustang didn't suffer very much damage because the fire was put out almost instantly. Thanks to the fire extinguisher guy for risking his life and standing point blank next to a potential vehicular explosion, this guy literally saved the racer's Mustang. I'm not sure how much he gets paid to do his job, but he surely has no fear. Enjoy the cook out in the right lane, courtesy Ford Mustang on NOS!

Video content: Ford Mustang catches on fire

Mustang Blows Up

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 Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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