Fat man stuck in fake Lamborghini!

The Lamborghini is not an easy vehicle to get in and out of, but the cheap replicas are even worse. Lamborghini actually spent time and effort to engineer the entrance and exit procedures by providing handles, pathways, and properly elevated seating to assist the occupants. When you get inside of a replica, the first way to notice it's fictitious status is by the extreme discomfort you'll experience entering an exiting the vehicle. Sure the authentic Lamborghini is no vacation, but the fake ones are even worse. Add a large man to the fake Lambo equation, and you just might need to call for the jaws of life.

Beyond the obvious parody similar to Chris Farley's "fat guy in a little coat", imagine the chaos that could have pursued if he was not able to successfully escape the replica Lamborghini. The jaws of life would have been called out, and the car would have been destroyed. Then the question arises of who would be responsible for the damages to the vehicle? The large man stuck inside the car, or the owner's insurance company? If you question your size before entering a vehicle, you should probably just stay out of it. Something tells me this was a planned event, and there may have been some sideline wagering taking place.

Video content: Large man stuck in Lamborghini replica

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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