Corvette FAIL! Flooded flee powered by incompetence

A very funny Corvette failure of epic proportions occurs as a flooded escape goes terribly wrong. Attempting to remove the C4 Corvette from a flooded barn, the owner decides that launching the vehicle through the flooded waters is the best decision after thoroughly deciphering all possible removal tactics. Apparently, the best thought plan is not always the right one. The first few attempts include a canoe, pieces of plywood, and a wall section. Obviously not enough buoyancy to support the 3,200 pound vehicle, the final decision is attempt a launch across the flooded waters. Discuss this article with

The problem with this attempt is that the Corvette's induction system draws air from the front bumper, which is also what is being used as a water plow during this feeble attempt at releasing a Corvette from the clutches of rising water. What do you think happens? Two things could possibly occur from driving a Corvette into a wall of water. The first and most likely is hydro-locking the engine. This occurs when water enters the engine and basically floods out the cylinders, manifold, and intake with disgusting water saturated with impurities. A death blow to a motor, hydro-locking is the most probable result of this incredibly stupid idea.

The second possibility is that only a minimal amount of water entered the intake and landed on the MAF sensor, causing the motor to die from a false reading. Hopefully for the Corvette's sake, this is what occurred. But by the looks of things, I'd say this Vette is a victim of hydro-lock. What do you think?

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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