Is FWD drifting 'really' drifting?

Front wheel drive drifting sounds like legends of falsehood, magic leprechauns, and resembles a totally bogus feat. However, it is possible to drift a front wheel drive with the appropriate skills. Drifting after all, is sliding a car around the corner. There is nothing that specifies whether it be dragging or spinning the rear wheels, so front wheel drive drifting is totally legit and possible. Drifting a front wheel drive is not spectacular, and reminds me of a dog with worms. You know, scooting through the grass?

In the following video is some of the best front wheel drive drifting footage I've ever seen. Regardless of it's comedic nature, front wheel drive drifting is more popular than expected. The truth is that most vehicles are front wheel drive, and therefore the front wheel drive drift is occurring more than we know. Due to it's less than satisfying appearance from the third person point of view, it's not publicized as heavily as it's more appealing rear wheel drive counterpart. If you have a front wheel drive vehicle, don't feel disappointed that you can't drift as "cool" as the rear wheel drive folks. As long as you're having fun, that's all that really matters. Enjoy the following rare footage of true JDM front wheel drive drifting!

Video content: Front wheel drive drifting

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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