BMW FAIL: dumbass ejected during open door donut

I used to think an epic fail could only get so bad, but this BMW burnout blooper pushes the limits. During a drunken donut with the door open, the driver forgets to use his seat belt and is ejected from the vehicle mid drift. This just goes to show you that seat belts are cool! Even though he was alright, this could have got ugly. If he had not landed on his back, the vehicle could have possibly rolled over him. He could have been extremely hurt, or even killed by this stupid stunt. Let this be added to the history books of epic failures, falling out of a car during a burnout is pretty funny. Discuss this article with

Quickly after the unfortunate circumstance occurred, his buddy rushes over to comfort him and make sure he's alright. A spill like that can cause major damage yo! Concussion, broken back, fracture collar bones, you name it. Anything is possible when you land on bricks with the force of a 3,000 lb. vehicle spinning donuts. The centrifugal force can actually be calculated and we can figure out what kind of energy he hit the ground with. Based on a conservative weight estimate of 140 pound body weight and a rotational speed of 180 degrees per second, we need to find out the centrifugal force due to the circular movement of energy. It is estimated that he landed with 214 additional pounds of centrifugal force beyond his body weight, ouch! That's a total of 354 pounds, which is plenty enough to break bones or cause some serious bruising. It's safe to say he lived, but visited the hospital shortly after.

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M3 Bucks Out Dumbass Driver

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 Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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