Toyota Prius street races riding mower

Hybrid racing is a festival of mockery against the green ideology vehicles. Racing a Toyota Prius against a riding mower is the ultimate slap in the face of hybrid performance. Regardless if you love the Prius or hate it, it's technology does help reduce our dependence on oil. However, it is not a performance machine, nor will the hybrid vehicles ever replace the glorious racing scene of internal combustion engines. Hybrids are good for the environment, but they just lack the mechanical oomph we've all grown to love. I'm not one to bash green technology, but when I see a lawn mower beat a Prius I just can't resist. Discuss this article with

The Toyota Prius isn't exactly a race car, so some may argue that the Tesla Roadster would be a better "racing" green vehicle. The Tesla Roadster boasts a great zero to sixty time, however after that it falls on it's face. If you have doubts about my claim, check out the speedometer comparison of the Tesla Roadster and a Nissan Skyline R34. The difference is uncanny, and quite disappointing. Regardless of the fact it uses no fuel, it looks fast and will encourage competition. I know if I'm spending my hard earned money on a sports car, I want it to perform like one; and that means pulling hard through all gears.

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