BMW M3 catches on fire in parking lot

Vehicle fires are quickly becoming a trend as automotive care due to the economy is evolving into a second rate priority. In the following video, we get to watch amateur footage of a BMW M3 that caught on fire in a parking lot. As it burns, you can almost smell the plastic and high dollar paint frying to a crisp. Leather interior, extensive electronic gadgetry, and even the immortal BMW crest isn't impervious to the likes of a vehicle fire. What I find odd is that this car is burning in a parking lot! How can cars just randomly catch on fire without being driven down the road? There's only two ways that can happen. The BMW started to smoke so the driver pulled over, or someone intentionally set the car on fire.

In today's world, a vehicle is a status symbol and it defines who we are as we travel down the road. When it comes to street life, burning someone's vehicle is a way of instigating a gang war or proving dominance over another key figure. When watching the video, the last phrase insinuates that this could have possibly been a gang related fire. "Lesson of the day, pay your debts" is a message that is being sent out. One can only speculate, but with a message like that it's almost as if this fire was set intentionally. Warning! The following video contains background music that might not be acceptable to some younger audiences and would not be considered work safe.

Video content: BMW M3 catches on fire in parking lot

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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