BMW M3 stage III: super-duper-charged

Supercharging the BMW E92 M3 is a great choice for anyone seeking astounding performance and curb appeal. The flashy status of the BMW combined with such a noisy and powerful supercharger on the right application is stunting to the third degree. Stage three is not playing around, and when applying these types of building techniques to high performance German engines only beauty can be created. These engines in stock form are masterful creations of mechanical excellence even without the heart pounding horsepower found in a stage three forced induction upgrade.

Zooming up and down the street, we get to see the acceleration in a live example as it blazes past the camera several times. Listening to the supercharger cry out horsepower, the BMW is quickly whisked to 100+ mph almost instantly. The performance of a stock BMW is superior, let alone a beautifully modified masterpiece such as the Gintani stage three. Gintani upgrades typically include the rebuild of nearly the entire top end of the motor for maximum performance. Carbon fiber, water intercooler, and a tune all line the Gintani performance package.

If this vehicle is an example of the Gintani performance setup on a BMW, then sign me up. That car is fast, look at how quick it launches through the back alley. It sounds like a race car as well, another trait I find positive in a vehicle. Daily driven cars shouldn't be economic on gas and quiet! They should be loud and whining gas guzzlers with zero to sixty times under four seconds. There's one thing I look for in a vehicle, and that's speed. Ok, enough words on with the video dude!

Video content: BMW M3 supercharged stage three

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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