Bugatti Veyron Autobahn top speed testing

What's the fastest way to "funkytown"? Jump into your Bugatti, get on the Autobahn, and open up all four of those beautiful creations known as turbos. While jamming out to classic 1970's music, the following clip shows a Bugatti owner and passenger passing cars on the Autobahn at over 200 miles per hour. The camera does a good job, but the Mercedes below sure does look warped. Could this Bugatti broken into warp speed? Ay, captain!

It's a long way from the Autobahn to the real funkytown, Minneapolis. However, if the Bugatti Veyron was able to drive a straight line from the Autobahn to funkytown (4438 mi.) at maximum speed (253.8 mph) it would only take seventeen and a half hours to complete your trip. If only the Bugatti could actually fly, maybe that's what the next move should be for exotic car manufacturers. Can I get some lift please? Discuss this article with

Autobahn clips rule, and this is one for the books. Not only is the footage great, it has an amazingly perfect soundtrack. I say do more high speed footage on the Autobahn with disco music! I bet there's a disco ball somewhere in that Bugatti. If only we could get a tour of Disco Stu's Veyron! Who cares if people say disco is dead, at 200 mph in a legendary machine disco can thrive. This is one Bugatti that can boogie!

Video content: Bugatti Veyron Autobahn run

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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