Vintage Porsche 914 races interstate cloverleafs

Rare footage of the classic Porsche 914 ripping through cloverleafs and interstates is a true pleasure. It's rare we get to see such great footage of an amazing classic being used for it's purpose. Sure it wasn't technically built to tackle cloverleafs specifically, but the track heritage of Porsche's classic sports cars combined with a great video make this following footage astounding.

Listen as the Porsche 914's 2.0 liter horizontally opposed six cylinder rips through gears as the vehicle is launched. Sure it's not the fastest car on the road now, but back then this was the car to have. Superb handling, amazing low end torque, and that unique Porsche boxster sound is what set the 914 in the history of automotive pleasures.

The greatest aspect of this footage is that we get to witness a first hand account of the Porsche 914's performance abilities.Even though it's old, doesn't mean it's slow. It might not be the most powerful vehicle on the street, but once it gets speed it can hold it through some of the most intense corners. The beauty of the 914's chassis design is that it maintained a low center of gravity which everyone found unique. Watch below how the handling of the Porsche 914 can still compare with modern sports cars. Great job Porsche!

Video content: classic Porsche 914 speeds through cloverleafs

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 Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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