Mitsubishi Evolution eats Ferrari alive

Watching the slaughter of the expensive Ferrari while being raced against a much less costly Mitsubishi Evo is almost like witnessing a snuff film for Italian horse glue sticks. A quick flick of launch control, smoked tires, and the Evo is gone; it happens that fast! It's tough for even high dollar exotics to keep up with a well built Mitsubishi Evo or Subaru Impreza. Their light weight chassis and well balanced all-wheel drive when rebuilt with forged internals and boosted with a large CFM turbine at high psi can really achieve astounding numbers. Discuss this article with

It's easy to estimate this Evo is running 30 pounds of boost in order to kill the Ferrari with such rash demeanor when you combine high dyno numbers beyond 600 all-wheel horsepower with a chassis that has only 2,800 to 3,000 pounds. As soon as boost hits, these cars are gone. Your only chance is to get ahead before they boost, but with external wastegates and other modifications to eliminate lag you'll only have a second or two.

Sure people might snicker, "cheap Japanese car" or even go as low as "ricer"; but at the end of the day fast is fast, speed is speed, and winning is winning. If your JDM gets smoked by an exotic, own up to it; and likewise. I find that the exotic groups have a harder time dealing with a loss than the JDM folks. I guess losing a race is a bitter pill to swallow when your car costs a college education!

Video content: Mitsubishi Evo kills Ferrari in drag race

Evo 8 vs Ferrari

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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