Speeding car takes out toll booth!

Despite the safety barriers and ample amount of warning signs, a speeding driver blasted through the barriers of a toll booth plaza and was hurled into the air. This proves once again that some human beings should not be allowed to operate a vehicle. If you can't handle a simple task such as interstate travel to the point you completely blindside a toll booth then you really are the weaker hominid. Earth is a game of survival, and toll booth terrorists don't live long.

Okay, so after the mess is scraped up,bagged, and passed out; what can be done to prevent this from happening in the future? I say we make the toll booth a fun place, instead of drive by garbage can for quarters. How about we turn the toll booths into electronic checkpoints that read the license plate and bill the owner. Let's get out some of that old terrorist face tracking technology and put it to good use on our toll roads and get it reading plates. No more toll booths, they waste gas and time.

Now, had that electronic system been in place this disaster never would have occurred. Modern toll booths are getting closer to being electronic, but they are still too invasive to the driving experience. Toll booth plaza's in Tampa clog up the morning commute and delay the trip up to an hour. That's with the use of "Sunpass", an electronic RF token-responder toll system. Even though they use the electronics, the booths are still physically in the middle of the road, hello!?

Video content: Car crashes into toll booth plaza

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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