Pakistani police develope new towing technique

Citizens of Lahore can rest a little more calmly now that the local police department has developed a new towing technique that is both green and cost effective. By using their "feet" instead of a "tow truck", the Lahore police department managed to push an econobox down the road only to be captured by the likes of YouTube. Special thanks to our friend Salman P for suggesting this video. What is really going on here? Is the government seizing yet another suspected villain of ill repute? No they aren't, sorry this isn't CNN.

A brief peek into international police policy that at first appears to be of foul government authoritative intent actually turns out to be a blessing. The officer was putting his own legs in harms way between those two vehicles to help get the citizen's vehicle to repair. Either he was insane, brave, or a little bit of both! It goes to show that even police in other parts of the world care about the citizens.

They might not have a tow truck or rope handy but they have will power! The same ethic that goes into this scenario is the same drive that is behind the performance scene. The automotive performance scene outside of USA is very vast and full of different build ethics and techniques. The award for world's police with strongest legs goes to, Lahore! Great job Lahore police department, keep up on the squats. Maybe we'll see Lahore PD in the next "World's Strongest Man" competition?

Video content: Lahore police develop new towing technique

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