BMW M3 with Supra 2JZ engine swap

Powered by the Toyota Supra 2JZ engine, this BMW M3 custom build is proof of American ingenuity combined with foreign performance. Built to withstand the power with a Ford rear end, the four inch exhaust breathing, turbo powered Godzilla German super beast BMW M3 resides somewhere in peaceful Nebraska. Huge rear tires with exceptional surface area, 18x11, help keep the M3 stuck to the road, even though it can burn completely through first and second gear while pulling towards 100 mph.

Creating around 500 horsepower this is the ultimate sleeper. One would expect to hear the BMW engine but instead you get an ear full of 2JZ! Even though the engine was swapped, you can still make 1000 horsepower with the stock BMW engine. This swap is an amazing display of how dedicated technicians with the right budget can create awesome performance. After a couple of dyno runs, slowly tuning at low to high PSI, the BMW 2JZ M3 hits the streets for a run. Doh! The radar detector goes off, typical luck for a fresh pull. Join the fun and ride along in the BMW M3 powered by the infamous Toyota Supra 2JZ in the following footage!

Video content: Toyota Supra powered BMW M3

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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