BMW that drives itself around Nurburgring

Driving hands free typically refers to the use of a hands free cellular device, but not with BMW. When BMW drives hands free, they really mean with out the use of hands on the steering wheel. Calculated by a computer using inputs from GPS, video camera, inertial-measurement unit, and sensor data fusion allows the BMW "Tracktrainer" to autonomously race around the Nurburgring with out the aid of human assistance. Zipping through the corners and curves of Nurburgring while manually driving the vehicle brings first time occupants to a near nervous breakdown status. Imagine taking your first lap around the green hell while the main driver uses no hands. That must be quite a rush!

BMW isn't the only one ot use autonomous vehicles. There is a robotic Audi TTS that is being developed by Volkswagen Automotive Innovations Lab that will run Pikes Peak with a computer performing 100% of the driving. BMW and Audi are in head to head competition when it comes to building a fully autonomous vehicle. BMW is using fully autonomous automotive production, while Audi's robotic TTS knows how to drift. The world is bright for robotics and artificial intelligence, it's only a matter of time before your personal chauffeur is just a mouse click away. Just as you sit at your computer and enjoy this video, you will soon be able to sit and enjoy your commute.

Video content: BMW drives hands free around Nurburgring

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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