Nissan GT-R meeting in Gibraltar

The country of Gibraltar is a small peninsula located at the southern tip of Spain. Not known in the automotive world, there still is plenty of motorsport pleasures to be had. Recently there was a Nissan GT-R meet, which all three GT-R's in the entire country met up for a quick spin around the country. Dipping through city blocks and screaming through tunnels, the Nissan GT-R club of Gibraltar knows what owning a thorough bread sports car is all about. It's rare to see vehicles like this grouped together anywhere, let alone the small country of Gibraltar.

Gibraltar is a non-self governing British territory of only 6.8 square kilometers. Tourism and the service industry are the main markets of Gibraltar, but think about the land mass per GT-R ratio. That's three GT-R's within 6 square kilometers, or one GT-R for every 1.25 miles. If the United States had that same ratio, there would be 4,777 Nissan GT-R's within USA's 5971 square mile coverage. The total number of GT-R's in America is unclear, but I'm sure it's not that many. Gibraltar has the highest ratio of Nissan GT-R saturation out of any country in the world! Nissan only makes 2,500 of them per year, making a total estimate of 5,000 GT-R's in the entire world. Gibraltar easily wins this based on speculation of the statistics. One GT-R for almost every square mile, now that is saturation!

Video content: Gibraltar Nissan GT-R meet

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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