Lamborghini's ugliest car ever!

There is a new radical concept design by Lamborghini, and it's name is "Ankonian". Designed by a student in Munich, this crazy design is sure to stand out from a crowd. Lamborghini has built it's name by a defined stance in a herd of sheep, but this design initially pushes the limits of sanity. From an engineering point of view, I cannot see how this design is going to perform better aerodynamically unless there is a massive power house pushing it along. It's bulky front with bulbous rear ridden with polygons is only good for bouncing off radar and creating massive amounts of down force.

This design would have been great in the 1980's when police only used radar, but today they use lasers and there isn't much a design can do to diffuse the lasers ability to clock speed. Overall, it's a radical design and you either love it or hate it. Will this concept make it to production? It's very unlikely but still possible. Lamborghini has been known to take a step into the unknown and sell vehicles based on the fact it's still a Lamborghini. People will look at it and ask what it is, bringing the ultimate excuse to announce it's Lamborghini affiliation.

It could get good PR in the next Batman movie, if Bruce Wayne decides to skip out on Alfred's car company and chose sides with Lamborghini. Sorry, I couldn't resist. Overall, the general consensus on the web is a balanced argument of love and hate. On one side of the fence, true Lamborghini fans love this vehicle because of it's irregularity. The other side of the fence is a jovial bunch, pointing fingers and laughing hysterically as they crack Batman jokes. The true power of this vehicle will be in the performance and judgment day is soon at hand.

By the looks of the rear end, we could see some major performance out of this vehicle. The radical shapes promoting down force could suggest an extremely high speed. If there isn't a huge engine and torque monster pushing this beast, the design's drag will only slow it down. It's a safe bet she's packing a punch under that rotund rear end. After all, there is an ongoing top speed battle amongst manufacturers. Let's not forget that Mosler made a rumored contribution of 350+ mph with the Land Shark, or did they? Is this Lamborghini's response? Also the Bugatti Veyron has been holding the title of fastest production car for sometime now. I highly doubt Lamborghini wants to let Bugatti hold this title for long. Overall, it will be interesting to see the unfolding of this obtuse yet appealing vehicle. After looking at it for a while, Ankonian will grow on you. Just wait, it will happen. Ah, there it is. Comment your thoughts below.

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