Mustang performs 'Kendall Oil' shaped donut

Performing a donut isn't considered an advanced trick, but when you make it in the shape of a Kendall Motor Oil logo you have art. This fancy CGI trick is claimed in the video description to be the next "viral" footage clip of Mustang propaganda. It's pretty obvious that it's CGI, so there is really no question to the legitimacy like the SLS AMG driving upside down through a tunnel. This is still a cool flick, and it's fun to watch the Mustang rip up rubber in the shape of a Kendall logo. But there is still a question of whether this can be done or not, egging many to attempt the trick privately.

Do you think you can perform a donut with a manufacturer's logo engraved into the rubber? If so, there's a high chance you would land tons of sponsorships and lute from that particular manufacturer. No guarantee, but from what I can see this would be an excellent traveling trick to perform at various racing events. Permanently scribed into the pavement of whatever surface you choose, this is the ultimate advertising tactic. Imagine a DC logo scribed into the grid of your local track. Now that's fun advertising!

It would take a well coordinated team to assist the driver in placing the appropriate rubber marks in needed places. The driver would need to have an excellent ability to judge the wheel distance in order to make the picture perfect. An idea for practicing mentioned by a friend of is to place a coin on the pavement and try to drag the coin while sliding the car. Then you would have a good way to learn placement of the tire! It sounds easy, but the task is very hard. The problem is that there are no second chances. If you screw up at any point and misplace a track, you must start over again. I challenge all of my readers to attempt this trick! If you do, host it on YouTube and send me an email at and I will publish it for you. What are you waiting for, get burning!

Video content: Mustang makes Kendall donut

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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