Car covered in 70,000 carats!

If 70,000 carats worth of Opal gemstones isn't enough to bring your ride to bling status, you need to seek a bling support group. Using Opal's natural color variation property, the Kyocera Kyoto Opal is the world's first car covered in gemstones. The base vehicle, a Honda Net Nara was a great choice to use due to it's varying lines and shadows that will play positively with the opal gemstones. This process is not easily accomplished, and that's the reason why Kyrocera decided to endeavor. "At present, coating efficiency is low, so this isn't something anyone can do. That's exactly why we thought it was worth doing." - Takahiko Izawa

How does it work? The crushed opal gemstone refracts colors of light depending on the angle and environmental lighting. Similar to the old school "chameleon" paint jobs, the gemstone coating takes top notch pimping to the next level. I can see it now, gemstone covered donks, JDM's, and muscles all chasing that glossy finish only provided by crushed opal coatings. Opal as a mineral comes in many different shades and colors such as clear, white, red, gray, orange, yellow, green, blue, magenta, rose, pink, slate, olive, brown, and black. Opal is Australia's national gemstone and they also account for 97% of the world's opal supply. Chances are high that Kyrocera's source is located in Australia.

The appeal of a gemstone covering for vehicles is vast, but still considered a niche. No price is listed, but chances are it will be expensive; big surprise right? As the technology progresses, it will eventually become "mainstream" and affordable. For now, the only place to get this is direct from Kyrocera. There is a wide array of colors available, so if you are serious about blinging out you'll seek this coating. Opal also has a natural florescence to UV light, any black light modifications can be greatly improved by using Kyrocera's opal coatings.

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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