Testing the 2010 Camaro in the snow

The latest release of Chevrolet's favorite "Camaro" vehicle lineage was just portrayed by GM footage to have excellent snow abilities. Seen drifting and blasting through the snow, they possibly used a clever set of cuts and edits to make it happen. I'm not saying that they can't be driven in the snow, but the way GM depicted their snow abilities is far from fact. A fictitious statement similar to the skateboarding Ford Mustang, this footage is just silly. It's so silly, the pun is very obvious and I'm surprised no one has called them out on it yet. I have below comparative video evidence suggesting the recent GM footage is a parody. I have no proof, just my own common sense and some footage I've found on YouTube. First, let's take a look at the GM footage.Discuss this article with CarDomain.com

Video content: GM footage of 2010 Camaro in the snow

Okay, so watching that footage it seems to me like the 2010 Camaro can launch flawlessly and maintain traversing speed and control even in the deepest snow. Look how the magical shots and convenient cuts make the vehicle appear much better on the snow. Pay special attention to the initial launch cut, it appears they purposely cut out the slide. There is no side shot or third person view point verifying the launch. It's just cut, that's it. Not cool! I love the Camaro and GM but I have to raise the molarky flag on this one.

Now let's take a look at amateur footage that is completely third party and non biased. After all, would you trust the salesman's word? I know I don't, they just want my money. This 2010 Camaro is off road just like the one depicted above, but it's not going anywhere. This is the reality of Camaro snow performance in my opinion, just like it's always been. They may have improved, but they still aren't snow machines as shown. It's a Camaro, they aren't meant for snow! The Camaro is a great car and I see no other reason for this footage than boosting winter time sales of a notoriously horrible winter car. The 2010 Camaro is an awesome automobile and it does not need crazy claims to create sales. They were sold out during initial launch for a reason.  I find this comparison against GM's footage quite interesting and possibly a parody. What do you think? Comment below

Video content: YouTube user submitted 2010 Camaro snow performance

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