Honda street racing in Hong Kong

This video of Honda street racing through Hong Kong is very intense. There isn't much Wangan style racing that gets captured, but this is true JDM racing at it's finest. Honda's howl can be heard as the street racers rip through the Hong Kong expressway. Traffic does not slow them down, they just whip from lane to lane care free. The agility of the Honda chassis and the power of VTEC technology is shown below as a real world example. It's not suggested to perform street racing, and even though this looks cool it's incredibly stupid and is begging for death.

Street racing films like this are some of the most hardcore content out on the web today. Recorded during freeway high speed runs, the swooping in and out of traffic creates an exciting visual experience for the views. Always going viral when the limits are pushed, illegal street racing content is in very high demand. So what is the future of this radical form of motor sport? In the USA, penalties are increasing quickly. They are so stiff now, your car will crushed in some states if caught street racing. This radical law does both, discriminate street racers from racing illegally; and generates the will to flee if caught street racing. It is unknown if police pursuits have increased from this law being enacted. Regardless of the law, keep it on the track yo.

Video content: Honda street racing, Hong Kong

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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