Ford Mustang fox body destroys parking lot then hits curb!

The fox body Mustang from the 1980's is an excellent performance machine. A great chassis ready for ultimate engine mods, this generation of Mustangs is very well known amongst enthusiasts. A common sight around the quarter mile, it's easy to find a foxy body Mustang stapled with nine second time slips. They didn't come from the factory that quick, but with a modern modification  procurement plan and forced induction system, the fox body can easily become a power monster. This fox body is shown below having fun using all that power and racing prestige to it's finest extent - until fail occurs. The burnout artist pleased with their own work forgets about a curb and totally jumps it after performing a knock out donut session. Discuss this article with

Not exactly the intended grand finale, the problem with jumping a curb like this is all in the suspension. If the shock was bad enough it could have possibly damaged the chassis and totaled the vehicle. To prevent this from occurring, sub-frame braces and sway bars can be added to strengthen the chassis rigidity. Adding a roll cage increases rigidity by 40% when combined with seam welding key points of the chassis. The modifications of this fox body are unknown, but it's safe to say there's going to be something broken. Great burnout none the less, but look out for that bee's nest of curbs. Ouch!

Video content: Ford Mustang burnout and curb check

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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