Classic Ferrari goes street racing

A pack of classic Ferrari exotic sports cars were record outside of Versailles and Paris, France. Exceeding the speed limit and breaking more laws than can be counted, the pack of wild steeds tear through tunnels, freeway, and traffic. They can't be stopped! Similar to Get Away in Stockholm, the French version is very exciting. Top dollar exotics street racing is still very dangerous, and they are lucky they didn't end up like the Dodge Viper rear ending a utility van. It's always a shame to see an accident result from illegal street racing, keep it on the track yo! Luckily, these French dare devils don't kill anyone.

France has a history behind it's illegal street racing films. Some of the most exciting vintage content was shot in France during the movie, "C'etait un rendez vous". This film was depicted to be a Ferrari but was actually a Mercedes-Benz. Could the cars below be replicas? I doubt it, listen to the engines and it proves authenticity. Unless it was dubbed over like C'etait un rendez vous. Regardless of how cool and exciting it looks, this is very dangerous and should be avoided. To learn about converting street racers into track racers visit !

Video content: Ferrari street racing

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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