Rich kids in China street race too!

The street racing scene in China is rare and minimal, but it does exist. Shown below is a nice group of exotic and European luxury vehicles out and about in China stretching their tachometers. One scene, a Lamborghini holds up a complete intersection and performs donuts! The same kind of characters depicted in the movie below also are of the same genre responsible for this street racing related death. Even though it looks cool to see these exotics buzzing around, it's very dangerous and can sour very fast. Street racing in China is rare due to the harsh laws of seven years maximum penalty. Up to 274 accidents a day are caused by speeding and drunk driving in China according to Wang Hongyi.

Just like here in America, the illegal street racing scene is always deemed sour. Every country has street racing, but some don't see it as a problem. For example, in Saudi Arabia traffic knows they are street racing so they pull to the side. This doesn't make it right, but it makes it much safer. In New York, they shut down I-95 for a quarter mile and ran tandem drag races during the night. Again, not right but much safer than just wildly flying down the road. The most dangerous form of street racing is the random races at lights. Even though it looks fun to street race, try doing some track time. At least with a track you'll have a time slip so the loser can't complain.

So for those of us that just love cars and could care less this video is pretty cool. It shows a bunch of expensive, fast cars ripping up the streets of China. Flying through tunnels with WOT pulls, the scream of Italian and European performance can be heard through out. Then, it gets real wild and they start to stunt and do donuts in an intersection. Why? Because they can. No one is going to challenge a $250,000 spinning exotic, the intersection is yours dude!

Video content: Underground street racing in China

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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