Ford Mustang Cobra evades police at 180 mph!

Clocked at 170 mph, the heavily modified Ford Mustang Cobra decides "stopping isn't worth it" and pushes the limit. The video below is brought to us by, and is featured on their DVD collection. Driving down the interstate during a top speed pull, the Cobra is clocked at top speed by a patrol officer in the oncoming lane. The radar detector goes off as the Cobra is clocked directly by the trooper. Slowing down to interstate speeds, the Cobra checks to see if the officer is going to pursue. Indeed, the officer did clock the Cobra traveling at such a high rate of speed. The Cobra then decides pulling over isn't the right choice, and evades the police officer.

The physics of this evasion are fairly simple. The police vehicle looked like your standard Florida state trooper issuance. These vehicles are quick, but they simply will not keep up with a highly modified Cobra already traveling at 70 mph. The modifications on this vehicle produce an 11 second quarter mile monster, pulling 550 horsepower and 560 foot pounds of torque. The state issued vehicle for the officer does not stand a chance. The modifications used on this Cobra to reach these power levels include a K&N intake, custom headers, Flowmaster Thunder Tube exhaust, a 2.8 inch pulley, short shifter, 4.10 gears, Autologic custom ECU chip, 18" Cobra rims, Steeda lowering springs, camber plates, 18" Kumho MX street tires with 17" ET Streets, and a 75 shot NOS wet kit. This is one well built Cobra!

This is probably one of the most intense, crazy, and stupid videos ever made on the internet today. Evading police over a $1200 ticket plus court appearance is extremely dangerous. Not only were they putting innocents in harms way, it is fully possible that the police could have turned this into a huge ordeal and arrested the driver if caught. Once arrested, he would definitely be facing some serious jail time in a Florida prison. Florida prison is not a cool place to be! Sure the Mustang got away this time as depicted in the film, but this is a very unlikely circumstance. I seriously doubt he could do it again. Enjoy the following footage of someone actually getting away with out being killed, or killing anyone else during the process. Do not try this, ever. It is very bad, m'kay?

Video content: Ford Mustang Cobra evades Florida police

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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