Homebrew car ramp sends cars flying!

Every genre of motorsport has it's unique amateur group. Car ramps, or better known as backyard car jumping is a very fun but dangerous ancillary faction of car jumping. Car jumping has taken on a sport all of it's own recently with Ken Block and Travis Pastrana leading the way into commercializing yet another backyard treasure. What will be the next "sport" to make it big and join the iconic status of the great motorsports of yore? I would love to see motorcycle engine powered golf cart competitions. But for now, car jumping is probably the most exciting we'll get.

Car jumping on a professional level is glamorous, commercialized, and basically held like a concert event. Back in the day things used to be dangerous, not any more. During the 1970's a super jump was attempted in a jet powered Lincoln with wings. No one since then has yet to tempt the ultimate in dangerous stunts. Everything attempted today doesn't push the limit, and doesn't have that "death defying" thrill we've all grown to love. Modern stunts are coordinated and controlled like a space shuttle launch. Everything is ran through the computer several times before even attempting it in real life.

This modernization of stunts is fun and safe, but it's very far from real. I want to show you what real car jumping looks like. This is done by scrapping together whatever you can find in the back yard and building ramps. There is no safety crew, other than a group of intoxicated onlookers. This is not Hollywood, this is real. This is where a line is drawn in the sand and separates the men from mice. A place where heroes are born, and the smell of beer cans and gun powder lurk. Hometown USA, you have a breeding ground for viral videos. You guys have the opportunity to make such great content, the urban dwellers can't compete. I've seen both sides of the fence and I'm speaking from experience, rural videos for the win!

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