Lifted Camaro 4x4 goes swamping!

The Camaro is one of the most popular vehicles ever built that performed like a race car. Taking one of these perfectly engineered pieces of art and turning it into a 4x4 mud slinging monster is very cool. There is just something about a lifted Camaro driving through a swamp that I enjoy. Similar to the donk venue, the lifted Camaro for off road use is making more practical use of the lift and tire size. Well it may not reserve it's track performance, it does make good use of the small blocks low end power. Using a Camaro for off road use might seem tacky to some, but to many it's a great accomplishment and a very fun vehicle! Discuss this article with

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The amount of work it takes to make this "road" car go off road is uncanny. Not only must you completely rebuild the chassis, you have nearly three feet of space between lift and body that you must fill. Suspension components, frame strengthening, and drive train all must be fit within this area. When building the drive train, proper care must be taken regarding the angles of approach. If a drive line is setup too steep, it will break at high RPM as it is unbalanced. The drive shaft is only one of many worries, others include breaking welds, burning up gears, popping tires, and the most importing; roll over. There are many perils of owning a lifted Camaro, kudos to those that endure it's episodes.

The problem with most lifted vehicles is the roll over effect. Seen most common on the Jeep model, the lifted Camaro helps combat this ailment by using a chassis that has a low center of gravity. The Camaro is designed for track use, so naturally it has a low COG. This COG is moved when the vehicle is lifted, but it stays relatively low compared to other vehicles of comparable lift. Due to it's low COG, unique appearance, and uncommon nature the lifted Camaro is surprisingly popular amongst enthusiasts of the off road and performance scene. In Florida, they are especially popular for driving through swamps as seen below.

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