Donk FAIL: Wheel falls off during drag race

Drag racing is only for the most performance built machines, you can't just slap rims on a box body and drive on the drag strip. The following donk fail takes place during a drag racing event and ended up being the blooper of the century. You might have a broken donk if your rim passes you during a quarter mile run. After a hard launch, the torque from the Regal snapped the rear axle and the wheel was let loose. Miraculously, it stayed balanced and continued to roll down the track axle and all. Astounded by the absurdity of the circumstance, the vehicle owner and track crew are in shock. Discuss this article with

The big rims are great, and so is the candy paint but if you don't have the performance to back it up please do not waste people's track time by clogging up the quarter mile. Seriously dude, did you think that axle could take all that power? Sometimes when building a car the most obvious to a third party observant is invisible to the builder. They get so engulfed in the completion of their work they neglect the small things that make a build successful. One key ingredient for this would be a stronger axle and possibly rear differential.

Upgrading the drive train on a donk is imperative. There is so much mass that needs to be moved by adding large wheels that the internals aren't designed to handle. They are expecting stock size rims, not massive 26 inch deep dish disco bowls. These things are heavy man! If you have a donk and are considering any performance oriented driving please upgrade your drive train to avoid embarrassment. Somebody catch that wheel!

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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