Car drives on Autobahn with only three wheels

Riding on only three functional wheels, the fourth was actually smashed into the chassis and was dragging down the Autobahn. Recorded for our viewing pleasure, it's amazing to see that even with one non-functioning wheel a Mercedes-Benz can still maintain highway speed. This is a total real-world situational testimony to the engineering and build quality of Mercedes-Benz. The older 1990's S500 as shown below was an amazing vehicle, the flagship sedan of it's time. Special thanks to Salman P for suggesting the Benz that rides on three! (That rhymes!)

Specifications of this land beast are impressive for it's time. Being the largest sedan class produced by Mercedes-Benz, it's to driving advantage that the vehicle be powered by what most consider the ultimate in engine technology. Using a 6.0 liter V12 with 400 horsepower is the largest found in the S-class, and it demands respect from the large chassis. Despite it's heavy curb weight of up to 4,800 pounds, the S can still roast tires and drift with the best. Apparently, it can also three wheel as well.

What makes it possible for the three wheel? Precise chassis balancing, lots of torque, and a double wishbone front axle. V12 models were also lucky enough to get an adaptive dampening system which also could have aided in this three-wheeled feat of balance and skill. Both the driver and car must be one to maintain highway speed with a disabled wheel. Any actions are greatly amplified by the missing wheel and therefore utmost care must be taken.

Video content: Mercedes-Benz 3 wheels the Autobahn

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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