Robin Hood Rally accident! Cars crashing at 100+ mph

During a road rally, anything can happen. At the 2010 Robin Hood Rally in Tuxedo, New York a Corvette lost control, went airborne, landed again, and smashed into a BMW that was parked perpendicular to the direction of the Corvette. The Corvette and BMW were both completely destroyed, and the reality show "rally" was delayed as the mess was cleared up. A flatbed tow truck showed up to clean the mess. Here comes the meat-wagon! Lucky, no one was hurt bad enough for the human meat-wagon; this one was for the cars.

A snowball traveling through the fires of hell itself has a better chance at making it than these cars through the insurance inspection. An instant total, both frames were probably bent beyond recognition. You can't have a small block Chevy fly down the road at speed and smash into a BMW and expect the cars to survive. Miracles only happen to puppets named Pinocchio and to the late night infomercial gospel sessions. They rarely occur in racing, unless your the guy who gets ejected and lives.

So let's try and figure out what exactly happened here. When I rub my two braincells together, I come up with the conclusion that the Corvette just lost control and took out the beamer. Maybe an over-correction, or not enough correction; too much throttle or not enough, the list of possibilities goes on forever. One thing is certain, that Corvette saw hang-time before it hit the BMW. Imagine what the driver was feeling as he flew through the air towards that parked BMW. Unreal, this is racing.

Video content: Corvette Z06 wrecked into BMW M3

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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