1000 + horsepower Toyota Supra interstate fun!

When it comes to going big instead of going home, nothing else states your presence in the automotive scene like an 1,100 horsepower Toyota Supra. This thing has so much power, it can't even hook at speeds above 100 miles per hour. There's so much torque, this car could really be too fast! Known as "Armin's Supra", the MKIV Supra comes with an astounding 1,147 rwhp. If that's a 25% loss, then at the crank this beast is turning over around 1,500 horsepower at the crank. This Supra is serious people, serious.

Just listening to the sounds and watching the cars pass I can tell this Supra is a quality build. There might be a little bit of lag, but that's to be expected when running a monster turbo. The lag is completely restored as soon as the turbo hits boost, as the car will be promptly be propelled into 120+ mph territory. When a car can reach 100 mph almost instantly upon hooking, it's uncanny. Exotics that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars can't even keep up with the dust before it settles when following a Supra of this magnitude. It's not a matter of car lengths, it's miles difference for the common highway pull.

The Toyota Supra has built a following that is arguably the most legendary car cult ever. JDM as a whole is massive, and nearly all JDM enthusiasts have utmost respect for the Supra. The JDM cars used to be considered a fad, and those originals are now considered Jassics (Japanese classics, see annual car show here.) Who would have known those little JDM's that could would eventually take over. Who would have known that a descendant of the Celica would dominate so many races. Like the 1100 horsepower Supra? Check out the 1200 horsepower Supra built by Qatar royalty HH Shiekh Khalid Bin Hamad Al Thani and Alan Johnson.

 Video content: 1100 horsepower Toyota Supra highway run

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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