Classic Corvette converted into farm tractor!

Taking a classic Corvette and using it as a tractor might sound like a good idea due to plenty of torque and horsepower, but in the end a Corvette has no place being treated this way. This isn't just your average Corvette either! This one even has a huge blower ported out of the hood, and yet it's still used around a foul smelling hay farm. Just one whiff of this manure bound muscle car and it will send you running for the hills! Even though it's been used for a farm tool, this Corvette is still in pretty good shape. This is a real life example of just how much a Corvette can go through and still come out, "smelling like roses"; or something like that.

Video content: Classic Corvette used as farm tractor

Pretty cool? It is interesting to see how easily that Corvette moves the bail of hay. Sure it's just rolling it along, but that's a lot of weight we are talking about. That large, roll style bail of hay can weigh anywhere from 1,500 to 2,000 pounds depending on moisture. Even though it's not being used for it's genuine purpose, this Corvette is still making good use of it's torque ridden V8. Just when you think the farm duty is bad enough, it gets worse. If bailing hay wasn't the death blow on this classic's bottom line value, then the dirt donuts in the field is.

The following footage isn't for the weak Corvette enthusiast. If you are one of those folks who likes to cherish a Corvette and clean it with a silk diaper, this clip isn't for you. No, this is for the "other" sports car folks out there like myself who don't mind putting a little mud between bushings. Sure the car will break down, rust out, and fall apart; that's a given. Who cares, we are having fun! Isn't that why you bought it?

Video content: Classic Corvette performs donuts in hay field

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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