CBR 600 powered golf cart goes off road!

It's a sunny day and there's a light breeze on the course. You are at the green, getting ready to sink that esteemed birdie. Then, all of a sudden out of the woods comes a high RPM cry, and a demon like creation blasts through your shot. Slinging mud, sand, and debris in all directions a golf cart powered by a motorcycle engine swap interrupts your play. You have just encountered a sports car enthusiast turned golfer! The following footage shows us "Chasin' Par" as he rips up the course with his 110 horsepower golf cart. A fresh Honda CBR 600 motorcycle swap is the ultimate in golf cart performance.

The world of high powered golf carts is vast and wide. There are many routes you can choose when modifying your cart. Many just do the simple lift kit and call it quits, but that's lame and slow. A real enthusiast will swap the EZ-GO golf cart motor out for something more powerful. Using a motorcycle or snowmobile engine is ideal due to their small size, drive, and light weight. Many people swap motorcycle engines into golf carts with success. If you go for big power and top speed, consider upgrading the suspension as well. High powered golf carts are fun, but with out proper suspension and chassis modifications they can be deadly.

Take a look at this following video and you'll see just how fun golf cart performance can be. If you are done building your sports car and have a lack of room, consider upgrading a golf cart. A very fun project that I will soon endeavor. However, I plan to wedge a Subaru boxer engine into mine! Is that awesome or what? When you are done watching the video, check out this GSXR-750 golf cart that is capable of reaching 150 mph! Now that's a golf cart.

Video content: Golf cart with motorcycle engine swap

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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