Street drifting in Osaka, Japan with Team Burst

Street drifting in Osaka, Japan was a very popular and taboo sport during the 1990's but due to recent prohibition enforcements the sport has slowly withered away. Even in the face of sharp penalties, a few hardcore drifter's still maintain the Osaka touge drifting tradition. Taking place on a semi closed road during a cold Osaka winter, snow and sliding cars can be heard ripping through the high RPM's as JDM sweetness is churned out almost harmonically.

Multiple JDM greats such as Nissan Skyline and 190sx are a favorite amongst Osaka drifters, and drifters around the world alike. Drifting started in Japan, and these guys are making sure the tradition is carried out regardless of police influence. The night is young, and drifting is about to begin! The following footage is courtesy of Motive DVD, which features scenes just like this and much more. This clip shows us a quick glimpse at the JDM underground drifting scene and how rebellion is more than just attitude.

Drifting is a tradition, and like most Japanese traditions regardless of outside influence it must continue. Drifting to the Osaka drifters is a way of life, and not just a past time. One look at the vehicles and you can tell lots of money and wrench time has been put into their chariots of drift. Paying respect to the great sport of drifting, these Osaka drifters take to the back road touge with style! Hanging out the window with glow sticks, slapping high five's while driving down the road, and even sliding into each other with style is how these drifters roll.

Video content: street drifting in Osaka, Japan

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