Christmas street racing Compton style!

Street racing in Compton is a very popular past time. On Christmas day, the local drag strip is shut down to observe the Christian holiday. However, this does not stop the urge to street race! Out of protest for the track being shut down, hundreds of participants gather at a specified point each year and continue the racing. There is minimal law enforcement available in the morning, so the races start around eight in the morning and continue on for a couple of hours. It's a very well coordinated event, and it happens annually. Each year they all gather up and hold a street racing event on a nice piece of road.

Video content: Compton Christmas street races

This is an example of how popular racing is in California. Typically, most of these participants use the track instead of the street. But, on Christmas day the track is closed so they are forced to race on the street. This once again proves the point that if you hold sanctioned events on a track, it lowers the amount of illegal street racing. For more information about converting from street to strip racing, check out - Illegal street racing also isn't as bad as you may think, check out these statistics.
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For the most part, this is harmless fun when properly coordinated, such as the Compton Christmas street races. The dangerous form of street racing is done randomly at stoplights as there is no control and is conducted in a reckless manner on heavily trafficked public roads. This is the most common form and gives all of street racing a bad name. Enjoy the following footage of this annually celebrated street racing event. Merry Compton Christmas!

Video content: Compton Christmas street races

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