Dodge Neon gets massive air during 50' jump!

A modified Dodge Neon recently completed an amateur street jump resulting in over 50 feet of trajectory. The jump was pulled off perfectly over a decent sized hill of asphalt. Landing and sparking, the resilient Dodge Neon chassis drives away still in once piece. The Dodge Neon is actually a very strong vehicle, and can be used for jumping regularly. The overall weight of the vehicle doesn't create enough force to immediately damage the chassis or suspension integrity. Some may disagree, but the Dodge Neon is actually a decent quality, front wheel drive rally car.

An engine small enough to enter the lower classes, strong drive train, and unique design created for handling and stability renders the Dodge Neon into a performance vehicle just waiting to be had. Simple modifications to the Neon can be done to improve what is already available. An intake, exhaust, and suspension mods can really bring the sprite to life. Adding more intense modifications such as forced induction, internal engine upgrades, and high pressure fuel systems renders the vehicle into a beast. Some of the fastest cars on the street are the newer Dodge Neon SRT4, which comes stock with a turbocharged four cylinder engine.

By watching the footage below, you can see just how much rally heritage is actually built into the Neon. As it flies through the air, notice how well the vehicle remains balanced. This is partially due to the driver using a correct launch method, and the overall design of the vehicle. Proper weight placement is key to flying a vehicle. If the vehicle is front or rear heavy, you can rest assured it will pull the nose or rear end down accordingly. This jump appears to be attempted around 50 to 70 mph, a standard speed for jumping. It appears WRC cars and Subaru's aren't the only ones that can fly! Great job Eric, keep up the good work. I used to own a '95 Neon Sport myself, they are great vehicles.

Video content: Dodge Neon jumps over 50 feet

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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