How to take apart a Hyundai Genesis

Highly talented automotive technicians completely disassembled a Hyundai Genesis for an overview diagram of all parts. Each part is completely removed and taken apart, and then laid out in a diagram like fashion. Seen from above, we can watch the complete disassembled in time lapse footage, seeing each intricate move in high speed film. The Hyundai Genesis is a very well built vehicle, and is quickly capture the rear wheel drive sports car and drifting market. Ideal for drifting, the Hyundai Genesis is the target of many talented drifters. By watching this part diagram breakdown, we can see exactly why.

Video content: Fully assembled Hyundai Genesis

Take a good look at the location of many parts and how they are laid out. There is a symmetrical balance to the vehicle and how it is assembled. The overview of all the parts gives us a good idea exactly what goes into the Hyundai Genesis, and what can be removed for weight reduction. Ample amounts of parts can be stripped out of the vehicle to cut weight. Starting with the interior, crash equipment, and plastic trims it's estimated that at least 150 pounds can be removed and still retain vehicle integrity. The air conditioning system can be removed for an additional 30 to 40 pounds, but this is typically only found on pure race vehicles. Discuss this article with

Overall, the Hyundai Genesis parts diagram breakdown is an awesome video to watch that much can be learned from. If you have any intention of modifying your Genesis, please pay special attention to this video as it lays out the location and basic setup of the vehicle. When everything is installed, we can only get a rough idea of the weight distribution, and draw basic conclusions for modification. However, with everything disassembled and laid out for us to see, we can be more detailed in our modification designs.

Video content: Hyundai Genesis parts diagram

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