Lamborghini LP550-2 goes drifting!

The famous Lamborghini legend Valentino Balboni drifts his Lamborghini LP550-2 down to the tire's radial metal! Sparks flying and Italian horsepower flaunting, the Verde Ithaca colored Lambo drifts with style. It's rare to see an expensive exotic sports car drifting, because we all know what happens during a drift session. Drifting pushes the vehicular limits to the border of wrecking, not many dare push an expensive exotic this far. Only the chief test driver for Lamborghini has the gull to do this, and it's thanks to countless hours testing the Lamborghini in person.

The LP550-2 actually drifts quite well for a mid engine vehicle. The problem with drifting a mid engine vehicle is the majority of the weight is in the back, so the drifter must be careful not to push the rear end out too far. One wrong move, and tens of thousands of dollars could be lost; or worse yet a complete total. The speed it takes to get a Lamborghini to drift is quite high thanks to it's low profile and ultra sticky handling. Enjoy the following footage hosted by marchettino of the Lamborghini LP550-2 being drifted by Valentino Balboni!

Video content: Lamborghini drifting with Valentino Balboni

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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