The best drag racing bloopers!

Drag racing is a fun sport, but it also has bloopers. Unfortunately, these bloopers are destructive and can sometimes be fatal. The top drag racing blooper videos are shown below, illustrating all of the screw ups caught on tape in the recent history of drag racing. Drag racing has been going on for as long as two vehicles crossed paths on the road. We always want to see which vehicle is faster, thus the sport of drag racing was created. Back then, drag racing took place out in the country on a pseudo quarter mile. You know the scene, hamburger hops and hot rods.

Those were the days! Today drag racing has grown into a sanctioned sport and is a billion dollar industry. Sponsorships, products, models, and more all line the glory of what is drag racing. Even with all of this glory, there is still bloopers! The first video below is probably the funniest drag racing blooper on the web. With over 90,000 views and a five star rating, this one takes the cake!

Video content: funniest drag racing blooper video

The next video shows us a variety of drag racing bloopers by Bluebaugh Racing. This compilation brings together some of the best drag racing content on the web. Wheel stands, explosions, and crashes is an appropriate title for the best of drag racing bloopers. Most of us attend drag races to see the fast cars, feel the power, and smell the alcohol laced with burnt rubber. But we all know deep in our hearts that we want to see wheel stands, crashes, and explosions; as long as no one gets hurt. If the car is built right, typically people will be okay! Sometimes the unfortunate happens, and to those hurt or killed for the glory of drag racing you will not be forgotten. Enjoy the following footage of the best drag racing bloopers!

Video content: drag racing bloopers

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