C4 Corvette with insanely massive roots blower

This is one nasty C4 Corvette! A huge roots blower forcing massive amounts of air into the V8, it brings back memories of the movie "Mad Max". Performing a quick ride and donut display, you get the true feel of what American muscle is all about. It's about sound, feel, and torque! The massive roots type blower towers about two feet out of the hood, massively announcing it's presence. One look at this car, and you know it means business. Special thanks to Wyld Fantasies for bringing this roots blown C4 to the internet world via youtube. Check out their forum at http://www.wyldfantasies.com! Alternatively, you can see more pictures of the C4 Corvette by visiting their CarDomain profile.

The roots type blower is special compared to other forms of supercharging. This type of supercharger brings air into the manifold, driven by the engines crank via belt. Using lobe style compressors, this reduces the amount of friction and heat resulting in a better flowing charge. Originally designed in Connersville, Indiana the roots type blower was first used as an air pump for blast furnaces and other industrial type applications.

Due to it's extensive history, the roots type blower is the oldest form of vehicular forced induction. It's also known as the least fuel efficient supercharger design available, but depends highly on the amount of lobes used per rotor. As you can see the black smoke belching out and the intense fuel system used on this C4, the roots blower stays true to it's "roots" and guzzles gasoline like a good muscle car should. More gasoline plus more air, equals more power. Enjoy the following footage for a quick ride and donut session featuring "Mothug Doug" and his awesome Corvette.

Video content: C4 Corvette with roots type blower

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