Classic Nurburgring footage from 1967

Vintage Nurburgring footage from 1967 illustrates just how treacherous the track can be. Known around the world for being the most challenging track, Nurburgring has long been the driver's race of endurance. One lap takes an average of seven minutes if you're good, up to fifteen if you're slow. Nurburgring consists of a multitude of turn types, cambers, hills, valleys, and elevation changes. Racing through the Nurburgring, or better known as simply "The Ring"; all aspects of driving are challenged. Top speed, low speed corning, fast acceleration into high speed corning, various camber corners, and more. To race Nurburgring is to put both the vehicle and the driver to the ultimate test.

Nurburgring is known by many as "The Green Hell", a phrased coined by Jackie Stewart. Starting out as a road race in the early 1920's through the villages, Nurburgring has turned into a monster of motorsport theology. The actual track of Nurburgring was completed in 1927, as it held it's first races to showcase the German automotive superiority. The first version of the track consisted of 174 bends and was only eight to nine meters wide on average. Testing the agility, ability, and stamina The Ring proved it's difficulty to the world by having the utmost challenging track layout in the world. In 1939, the last races of the original Nurburgring were ran just before World War II. After the war, the racing continued from 1947 through 1970 under the name "The Green Hell".

Video content: the forgotten Nurburgring

When racing started back up, it was again hosting the German Grand Prix, Formula One, and German Motorcycle racing. Then in 1971 after F1 drivers started complaining, several upgrades were made to the original ring. The track was unsafe and uncomfortable for F1, so bumps were removed and safety barriers were added. The track lost it's "death defying" appeal to satisfy big racing. Many say that Nurburgring died when they removed the obstacles and additional difficulties the original track presented. Present day, the track features all the amenities one would expect from a modern racing circuit. Ample security, policing, smooth pavement, fences to keep animals and people off the track, and more. The Nurburgring today is nothing like it was, and in many ways it has lost it's appeal for the most hardcore adrenaline junkies. Check out the following footage of a 1967 vintage run through the Nurburgring via F1!

Video content: vintage Nurburgring footage from 1967

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