Camaro vs. BMW in the snow!

A winter snow race between a Camaro and BMW M3 is an exciting form of unusual racing. A mix breed between rallycross and demolition derby, the Camaro and BMW M3 battle it out in the winter wonderland. Watching the video, I also sense a little bit of Ken Block's style mixed in with the ignition and cut off start and ending. A video created by YouTube user JoBergg is just what the automotive world needs to see mid winter. Surprisingly, these rear wheel drive contenders do an outstanding job of racing on the slippery surface. It's all about driving skill, and these drivers posses the skills needed to maintain a high speed through out the entire snow race.

Which vehicle does a better job? The Camaro appears to be the stronger of the two. Possibly the additional weight of the larger engine helps, but overall it's still slippery mayhem. The BMW does a good job too, thanks to it's chassis design and well balanced layout. At the end of the day, displacement still rules the roost. Snow and what appears to be sand flying everywhere, this winter time snow race is very entertaining. It's almost like watching a drifting competition, but at the same time appears to be rally-esque. Will there be more snow racing footage in the future? I hope so! Watch below as the two contenders fight for the title of snow track king!

Video content: Camaro races BMW in the snow

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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