Donk FAIL: Ford Mustang abuse

I can appreciate the style of donk. It's a unique design of a vehicle, and it takes a special automotive talent to fit huge wheels on a vehicle. Raised up as high as a truck, suspension mods must be performed in order to fit the huge wheels. If the lift is big enough, drive line mods must also accompany the suspension enhancements. But sometimes, donk just goes wrong. Check out this Ford Mustang sporting donk style floater rims. Sitting at 24 inches high, this Mustang looks like the standard donk style and is appealing to most. But once you walk around to the other side of the vehicle, a huge "fail" jumps out at you. There is two different style of floater rims on this vehicle! Doh!

One side features a six spoke DUB floater, while the other side of the vehicle features a multi-spoke sunburst DUB style floater. I'm not sure if the owner did this on purpose, or if he just got a deal because he only bought two floaters. Whatever happened, this is surely a donk failure. Maybe I'm not hip on donk designs, but I've never been of the opinion that two different style rims is cool. Your rim design should match all the way around, anything less is just wrong. Beyond the mismatched rims, many also find it horrific to see this Ford Mustang with huge wheels as this is a performance vehicle and the heavy wheels will only slow it down. Post your comments below! This should be interesting...

Video content: donk fail! Ford Mustang gone wrong

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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