Vintage Camaro goes up in flames!

A classic Camaro catches on fire during a burnout contest in Las Vegas, Nevada. For this brief burnout, the tires aren't the only thing getting roasted. A slipping transmission due to a faulty seal sprays the flammable liquid everywhere, quickly igniting into a nuclear style mushroom cloud. Another nuke test in Nevada? Nope, just someones dreams and hard work going up in flames. When you use a forced induction system, it requires tons of fuel. The faulty transmission leak caused the fire, leading to the fuel lines catching and the whole car nearly blowing up. Luckily no one was hurt, but there could have been some precautions taken to avoid this nasty Camaro barbecue.

Some common ways to avoid fires like this would be to insulate the lines with flammable liquid. There are several forms of wraps that can be used, but the best is a wrap in combination with flam retardant spray. These wraps and spray will also keep the fuel cooler, allowing to dump cool fuel into the combustion chamber resulting in more power, less knock, and the ability to run slightly higher boost. If your fuel lines come near places of extreme heat such as exhaust, transmission, or other moving components a flame resistant plate should be used. Made from the same liner and spray used on the lines, this divider plate can be the difference between catastrophe and just a small leak.

Many people take time to build the performance of the vehicle, but few actually instill safety. It might sound corny, but always remember "safety first". Luckily there was a fire crew on hand and this burnout wasn't performed privately in a parking lot, or on the road way. Imagine what would have happened if this occurred in traffic! The car would have been a total loss, and several lives would have been at stake. Let this footage be a heads up to those of you who forgot to install some fire safety equipment. For any high performance vehicle, your first mod should be an on board fire extinguisher!

Video content: classic Camaro catches on fire

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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