How to make girls scream: drive a rally car!

Screaming bloody murder, a girl's first ride in a rally car is very amusing. The feeling of drifting on pavement is one thing, but sliding sideways at speed in gravel or dirt is completely extreme. There is minimal traction on these surfaces, so sliding on the brink of control induces a feeling of perceived potential to wreck. Although the driver is a trained professional at a rally center, the passenger still feels as if the car will crash. Welcome to the world of rally! It is an exhilarating sport that separates the weak from the strong. Only few dare tame the art of rally, are you game?

Once you get the hang of driving a rally car, it becomes second nature. The sliding action on the loose terrain is no longer frightening. It actually produces a sense of pleasure. The once loose and unpredictable terrain becomes as predictable as pavement. Once a rally drive understand how the car will behave on all types of terrain, an increased sense of awareness takes place allowing them to proceed to higher speeds. Slowly climbing in speed, each driver meets their limit.

Faster and faster until the brink is pushed, causing a near nervous break down once crossed over. You'll know when you've hit your limit. The shakes proceeded by a feeling of guilt as the driver questions their own stake in reality. Am I still alive? A common question amongst gamblers of this sport. Rally is unlike any other form of racing, and unless you've done it you'll never understand. There is really no other way to explain it except it pushes the limits of madness combined with an artful flavor of skill. It's safe to say the girl below knows what rally really is, and I think she's had enough!

Video content: girl's first ride in a rally car

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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