Classic '68 Camaro crashes!

When a 1968 Camaro gets wrecked and caught on tape, it's both a lucky and unlucky situation. Unlucky for the classic Camaro owner, but lucky for us because we get to see extremely rare footage. The cult classic 1968 Camaro is a beautiful vehicle, and it hurts me to write this article. I personally wish this never happened, but it did so let's etch the event in stone for future enjoyment. Sure this 1968 Camaro could have had a better life ripping up the tracks and sitting pretty in a garage, but thanks to YouTube it will be forever known as the '68 Camaro that was wrecked. How could this have possibly happened?

Watching the film, it looks like the Camaro was attempting some sort of a burnout when the rear axle broke. Too much torque generated by the massive engine lead to failure and a rear wheel flying off. Once that wheel was gone, the chassis landed on the ground pulling the '68 Camaro directly into a by standing vehicle. The front end gets smashed up pretty bad, but I think it's safe to say this one lived to see another day. Discuss this article with

The nice thing about the 1968 Camaro is that it was built strong. The chassis can take this kind of impact, and with minimal bodywork be back on the road like nothing ever happened. Of course that ruins the original status, but by looking at this modified beast it wasn't anything near original. Enjoy the following footage, if you can. If it hurts too much to watch this horrific footage, just skip to the next article. I totally understand!

Video content: wrecked 1968 Camaro caught on tape

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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