Cutlass donk on 50 inch rims!

Introducing the biggest rims in the world. Previously, 40 inch was considered the "biggest rims in the world". Meases of Warren, OH has topped that number by ten inches with their Oldsmobile Cutlass on 50s. While most people don't consider the Oldsmobile Cutlass to be a sports car. Contrarily, it's rich history of Nascar affiliation and racing suggest the later. Placing this icon of classic racing on 50 inch rims is a very unique approach to modifying this vehicle. Not exactly the most performance based modification, adding custom build 50 inch rims to the Oldsmobile Cutlass sure does draw attention but terribly reduces it's performance capabilities.

Based on the engineering aspect of building wheels that large and strong, is quite impressive and thus I find it news worthy and rare enough to be apart of this column. Why did they use wire wheels? The only solution to keep the weight of the rim low and strength high is to use a wire wheel setup. Even if the vehicle hasn't been shown moving around, it's still quite an engineering feat to build custom 50 inch rims strong enough to support an Oldsmobile Cutlass! The picture on the right gives us an idea of exactly how big these rims are, courtesy of Patrick Rall, Detroit Autos Examiner.

Typically, 100 spoke or 50 spoke is used for average size rims from 13" up to 24". For 50 inch rims, either the wire spoke must be stronger or there must be more spokes because the arch is expanded and will not be as strong. Either way, you need to accommodate for the larger radius of the wheel or it will simply be crushed by the weight of the vehicle. It looks like Meases in Warren, Ohio has figured out the formula. According to their latest video, there must be some naysayers of the fifty inch rim that do not appreciate the engineering involved to build custom rims to support this massive vehicle. According to Meases, the vehicle does not move due to theft purposes and has the motor removed. Also, the rims are not DOT approved and therefore not for sale. Enjoy the following brief footage of Meases Cutlass riding on 50 inch rims!

Video content: Oldsmobile Cutlass on 50 inch rims

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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