Rally racing bloopers!

Rally car racing isn't not for the weak or sane because it pushes the limits in dangerous environments which almost always leads to blooper video footage. Driving over 100 mph down a wooded path works most of the time, but when things go bad and the car wrecks it's horrible. Crash cages and seam welded chassis can only do so much, but most of the time they do protect the occupants. Some rally crash footage is too intense to show, but the following blooper video clip is just enough to let you see the dark side of rally car racing. In all of their glory, a rally car seems to be almost omnipotent. Don't let that fool you!

Video content: Blooper video: rally car racing

When a rally car driver commits himself to the sport, it's almost like signing a death warrant. He is asked to drive as fast as possible through an environment that is as unpredictable as it is dangerous. Uneven terrain, slippery surfaces, animals, mountain roads, and dangerous speeds all make the rally car experience the ultimate adrenaline rush. People watch this sport because they find it hard to believe someone can navigate a vehicle at extremely high speeds through terrain most would drive only ten to twenty miles per hour. The average rally car will reach 80 to 140 miles per hour in the straights. Driving rally style is only to be done by those who have the proper safety equipment, and no fear. If fear clouds your judgment at these speeds, you will surely fail.

Failure is not an option when it comes to rally car racing. If you fail, you lose countless wrench hours and possibly your life. The most hardcore, wild, and crazy automotive sport out there is rallycross. There's a reason why it took forever to get rallycross here in the USA. The fact you have to drive through public roads, towns, and wilderness at extremely high speeds just doesn't sit well with municipality figures. For the spectators, there is no crash barrier and they only have their keen sense to protect them. Not only do rally car drivers die in this sport, the spectators do as well. I'm not sure which is more exhilarating!

Video content: Blooper video: rally car racing

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